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          Harcostar Harcostar

          Harcostar Space Saver Water Butt

          Harcostar Product Code: HAR278     HAR278 EAN: 5012312134007 5012312134007

          Harcostar Space Saver Water Butt Five Year Guarantee Ready Drilled Accessory Connection Points Available In Dark Green  Capacity: 100 Litres / 22 Gallons Height: 940mm / 37ins Square: 380mm / 15insHarcostar Space Saver Water Butt 100 litres.

          The  Harcostar Space Saver Water Butt comes with a Five Year Guarantee and is made of 75 percent recycled plastic with pre-drilled inlets that have stoppers making it so minimal assembly is required.

          The Harcostar Space Saver Water Butt is an excellent solution to one of lifes annoying little problems

          Water holding capacity of 100 Litres or 22 Gallons
          Height, 940mm or 37ins
          Square, 380mm or 15ins

          May We Also Suggest:

          • Harcostar Space Saver Water Butt Stand

            Harcostar Space Saver Water Butt Stand (HAR332)

            Dark green. 31cm diameter x 28.5 cm high. Designed to be used with the Harcostar Space Saver Water Butt. Guarantee: 5 years.


            (£3.00 Saving)

          Sorry, this item is out of stock

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          Delivery will normally be made within 5-7 working days from receipt of your order. Please contact us now if delivery time is critical as lead times can vary.

          Any problems relating to the product must be reported within 14 days from receipt of delivery. Any claim being made must be supported by your receipt of purchase.