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          Halls Greenhouses for sale and home delivery

          Halls Silver Aluminium Supreme Greenhouses

          Price Promise If you find any of our products on the price promise pages advertised, and in stock and immediately available,  at any of our competitors we will guarantee to match the price. We do not charge extra for delivery.

          View the Halls GREEN FRAMED range of Supreme Greenhouses

          The Halls Supreme range contains six classic elegantly curved models, designed to add style to any garden. Before you choose your Halls Supreme greenhouse, ensure you have checked the available space - the Halls Supreme greenhouse is now available in 6ft wide and 8ft wide models. The 8ft wide models come complete with double doors as standard.

          The new 8ft (2.57m) wide Halls Supreme combines established character and style with additional growing space. Three models, from 10ft (3.20m) to 14ft (4.46m) in length have double doors for increased accessibility and full pane single sheet toughened glass as standard, and a minimum of one roof vent for optimum ventilation. Ideally, pick the area with maximum sunlight and the greatest protection from the wind and ensure you choose the correct glass type to suit your position. Tthe Halls Supreme greenhouses is available in either horticultural or toughened glazing options on the 6ft wide model and with full pane single sheet toughened glass in the 8ft wide model.

          Setting up your Halls Supreme greenhouse is not going to be difficult, at most it will take you a weekend. All our range comes with strong, well crafted, rust proof aluminium frames, which simply bolt together to form a safe, distinguished structure which is virtually maintenance free. Fully illustrated instructions are enclosed, complete with rules for safe handling. In the unlikely event of any problems Halls offer a an experienced help-line to talk you through. Halls also provide an extensive range of stylish accessories, each one designed to enhance your greenhouse and improve your growing results.
          Your success is our guarantee.

          Glass options - We offer two types of glass:

          • Horticultural Glass - Standard 3mm float glass as traditionally used in greenhouses over the years.
          • Toughened Glass - Toughened to British Standard Class 6206 for maximum light and extra safety. 
          Receive a FREE Base with Halls Greenhouses (excluding wall gardens) - Worth up to £246 with our Fantastic Promotion!

          Please select from the Halls Silver Aluminium Supreme Greenhouses below to buy at our best prices: