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          Halls Greenhouse Accessories Halls Greenhouse Accessories

          Halls 18ins Deep Silver Aluminium Louvre Window with Polycarbonate Glazing

          Halls AGL Product Code: SO1739     SO1739

          Ventilation is essential in any greenhouse and replacing one or more panes with the Halls Louvre panel will aid through ventilation. 

           Unwanted air is extracted through ridge vents, allowing fresh air to enter via five adjustable slats, to ensure draft free ventilation of your plants.

          Replaces either an 18ins panel of polycarbonate or larger, depending on the sheet size.

          You may have to cut a piece of existing polycarbonate or you may have to supply another smaller piece of polycarbonate locally.

          Halls price includes VAT.

          We only sell genuine spares and accessories from Halls.

          Call the Hall's Greenhouse spares telephone hotline for free advice on 0121 776 7642.

          Delivery within 8 Weeks (Extended Time Frame Due to Covid-19)
          Add to Basket Total Price £71.99 In Stock

          Delivery Info

          Price Promise

          Delivery within 8 Weeks
          (Extended Time Frame Due to Covid-19)

          If you find any of our products on the price promise pages advertised, and in stock and immediately available, at any of our competitors we will guarantee to match the price.
          Note: Some people sell Halls greenhouse frames and then supply their own glass, bases, accessories etc. Please check this carefully!

          Delivery will usually be made within 7-10 working days but may be extended at very busy periods. Any problems relating to the product must be reported within 7 days from receipt of delivery. Any claim being made must be supported by your receipt of purchase.

          Halls Guarantee (.pdf download)